Hey Good Lookin'

Reviewed By Rob Gonsalves
Posted 03/17/07 20:19:03

"Bakshi's answer to 'Happy Days.'"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

After finishing 'Coonskin,' Ralph Bakshi filmed much of this wonky, willfully offensive animated feature in 1975; he scrapped it and returned to it later.

Set in the '50s, it continues the Coonskin tradition of stereotypes so blatant as to make liberals foam at the mouth except this time there's very little social satire to justify it. It's just Bakshi pissing on people and having a grand time. As such, the film is sporadically a guilty pleasure.

A kid named Crazy has three testicles; the characters boink constantly. Bakshi certainly captures the sleaze of the '50s. In a really broad scene, a Jewish father removes his belt to punish his slutty daughter, and his pants fall down. Later, the daughter, having been handcuffed to a bedpost, follows her boyfriend out into the street, dragging the bed behind her.

Recommended to Bakshi fans; all others beware.

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