X-Files: Fight the Future, The

Reviewed By clark
Posted 08/19/98 21:30:47

"wait for it on video, that way it doesnt feel as much of a cheat."
3 stars (Just Average)

i would expect more out of a big screen release like this. as it is, it's just a tv-movie really.

they should have learned from Star Trek:when you start doing movies, MAKE THEM BIGGER. sure a few scenes were on a slightly bigger scale, but overall, it looks like they were on the same budget as the tv show.
it starts out a long time ago. two cavemen encounter an alien and we first see the black goo. now as for the alien, it didnt look like the aliens we've seen so far. then, it comes to morden day.
a boy falls in a hole(that same annoying kid with the redneck accent) and the government gets involved. enter Mulder and Scully. well after they find a bomb that is a little too close to the OK bombing for comfort.
anyways, there's running and screaming and stuff.
Mulder and Scully almost hook up, but the bee with the disease gets Scully and -suprise!- she's in the hospital again and Mulder has to save her again. but instead, she is captured and is used for alien breeding on a ship in the antartic?
i thought this was supposed to tie the series up?
sure we find out who the Smoking Man is working for, but what's this about their deal with the aliens?
now im really confused.

it answers a few questions, but gives us just as many.

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