Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Reviewed By Chef ADogg
Posted 12/11/99 00:26:16

"Does this mean I'm going to hell?"
3 stars (Just Average)

Rob Schneider plays an accidental manwhore who realizes that all women are beautiful and love is a grand thing. And there are lots of dick n' fart jokes. All things considered, the best movie I've seen since "End of Days."

Schneider is the man. I was a bit worried about him getting his own movie, since he's from SNL and he singlehandedly killed "Men Behaving Badly," quite likely the best show ever. But he's actually quite awesome here. There were a few scenes where I stopped laughing and stared at the screen slackjawed, struck with the realization that he was honest-to-god ACTING. Cool.

Eddie Griffin is also cool. He plays the pimp who looks after Schneider's character after he starts selling himself, and there's this REALLY funny running gag where he's sitting in the hot tub, eating, and the food keeps falling in the tub, and then he picks it up out of the water and eats it... Alright, hold on, that ain't so funny, but there are good parts. His "manwhore food chain" demonstration with the fishes was a hoot and his numerous exclamations of "Goddam, whiteboy!" made me drop my popcorn on a consistent basis.

You're probably getting the idea now that I'm easily amused. In that you are correct. I liked "Happy Gilmore," I liked "A Night at the Roxbury," and I like this. It's not a great movie, or one whose existence I can justify, but parts of it are just so drop- dead, smack-yourself-on-the-back-of-the-head and spill-the- contents-of-your-bladder funny that you forget how shitty it all is.

I had some fun with the direction, not too shabby at all. A lot of the dialogue scenes were cut and paste but, really, what do you honestly expect from a movie that Rob Schneider stars in? The action scenes, though--they're a riot. And I give extra points for numerous close-ups of wet breasts (three, by my count).

The gags? Well, a lot of them come right the hell out of nowhere (like the scene in the men's room, where we meet Deuce's father--did anybody else think that might have used just a few more seconds of explanation?), and a lot of 'em proceed to die on arrival (the fed who keeps whipping out his dick--it wasn't all that funny the first time, and by the fifth time he exposed himself I was sunken so far down in my seat that I was staring at the ceiling). But there are good ones.

Like Rob Schneider in clingy briefs humping a table. Fuckin' genius.

Oh shit, I forgot about the plot. Deuce Bigalow is a fish-tank cleaner who gets caught up in the prostitution business after he accidentally ruins this rich gigolo's apartment... Oh, really, what's the point? You're not watching for plot twists. You're watching to see extreme close ups of wet breasts. There they are; now leave me alone.

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