Evil Within (1990) (Baby Blood), The

Reviewed By Charles Tatum
Posted 03/17/03 22:52:15

"You must see the new baby!"
4 stars (Worth A Look)

This French film is more disturbing than silly American killer baby flicks like "The Unborn" series.

Emmaunelle Escourrou is Yanka, a voluptuous young thing working at a circus. A mysterious leopard is brought in, and something escapes from it, and slips into Yanka (if you know what I mean). She begins feeling like she is pregnant, but with a couple of differences. She can communicate with her brood telepathically, and it answers her in a grown male's voice, and she has a pregnancy craving for something worse than ice cream and pickles- human blood. Yanka finds out from her "child" that her expected is a new life form that will be born, return to the sea, and eventually take over the planet from mankind.

What follows is a semi-road movie, as Yanka loves and kills her way through France. She comes to hate her "child," but can not seem to kill it or herself. There are plenty of gory moments here, all encapsulated into scenes. The ambulance scene and the apartment scene stand out. The finale involves a near rape on a bus full of football players, with the newly born creature somewhere on board.

While some of the scenes drag, and the ending is a little telegraphed, the gore is thrown all over the screen. I have not seen this kind of bloodshed since "Killer Tongue." Escourrou is good, and definitely likes to show her lovely bod, and is really hot when not covered in blood or beheading a pedestrian while waddling in her third trimester.

Robak's direction is also quick and good. His shots surprised me, as he goes in the complete opposite direction that some hack B movie American director would have taken.

"The Evil Within" suffers from a generic title but a full assault on the senses, and the sensitive.

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