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Super Troopers
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by Matt Mulcahey

"Very funny, though old people probably won't think so"
4 stars

Comedy reviews are easy. Forget about character motivation, narrative structure or shot framing, only one question matters: Did you laugh? Despite lacking even a rudimentary understanding of scripting, exhibiting no sense of pacing and containing an ending seemingly written by a team of monkeys (and not even smart monkeys), this ode to male juvenile idiocy is funny.

The second film from the Broken Lizard Comedy Troupe, following the festival hit Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers details the shenanigans of a group of bored Vermont Highway Patrolman. The troopers spend their days messing with speeders, playing pranks on each other and getting into fist fights with the local cops at diners, crime scenes and pretty much anywhere else they happen to meet.

The plot, and the word is used loosely, involves the old “save our precinct” story, as the troopers must work together to stop the Governor (Lynda “Wonderwoman” Carter, sans lasso and patriotic bra) from closing them down due to budget constraints.

Led by Thorny (director Jay Chandresekhar), who gains that status by being the least moronic of the group, the troopers are a collection of clichés: The gung-ho toughguy (i.e. the Tackleberry role) Mac (Steve Lemme), the rookie/lackey Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske), the shy and generally incompetent Foster (Paul Soter) and the overbearing fat guy Farva (Kevin Heffernan), reduced to working dispatch after a rather unfortunate school bus incident.

In charge of keeping the clowns in line is veteran character actor Brian Cox as the precints captain. Cox believes he can save the precinct and his men’s jobs by solving a drug-smuggling mystery that the local cops have been unable to unravel.

Super Troopers works in the face of so many teen-oriented comedies that haven’t because the movie never tries to be sentimental or stray from its purpose. The movie is unappolegitically sophomoric, and wallows in its Frat house, prankish humor shamelessly. Eschewing the gross out tactics and exaggerated physical humor the Farrelly Brothers have made en vogue, (though the film does manage to show an officer having sex with a bear), Super Troopers is a throwback to the true beginning of modern comedy: the Delta House antics of Animal House.

Super Troopers strives to emulate and parody the early 80s swarm of childish comedies like Porky’s, Meatballs and Police Academy, right down to the ridiculously lousy music from .38 Special. You couldn’t harness more 80s cheese without digging up Eddie Money for a couple of tunes.

It’s a testament to the charm and wit of the cast that they pull off so many laughs in a film so poorly put together. Most enjoyable of all is seeing “serious actor” Cox willingly make an ass of himself. It’s a testament to Cox’s range as an actor that he can slither into the role of a pedophile with reptilian charm in L.I.E., then get hammered and harass fast food workers in Super Troopers.

Of course, everyone will certainly not enjoy the movie. Comedy transcends age and other demographics less successfully than any genre. How many people still crack up at The Marx Brothers, Bob Hope or Abbott and Costello? Comedy dates very quickly. But for anyone who enjoys occasionally indulging the 15-year old inside of them, Super Troopers remains a harmless good time. Everyone else should lighten up.

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originally posted: 06/05/02 14:09:28
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User Comments

12/09/12 Simon a skit collection, but so many quotes and shared laughs with it, that's 5 stars for life 5 stars
1/24/11 Diehard if u don't like this hope u boys like Mexico and ur a loser also give it 2nd look or 30 5 stars
8/11/08 Jon G Only cheeseheads and corn balls will like..Not funny.....Garbahge 1 stars
10/07/07 Indrid Cold The only Broken Lizard movie that doesn't suck; filled with strange, funny moments. 4 stars
4/18/07 Stevo UK Apparently the american police are idiots, according to this film. 1 stars
1/03/07 Ronin very funny 4 stars
12/12/06 Frank "Sing it again rookie biatch!" Definatley in my top ten all time. 5 stars
12/10/06 AJ Muller Hilarious; these guys rock. Not for the easily offended/prudish - All Hail The Lizard!! 5 stars
9/02/06 Del "He's already pulled over! He can't pull over anymore!" 4 stars
5/28/06 Johnny Chimpo This sucks all ass 1 stars
9/26/05 Kevin Your cells are 8x10. Ours are 9x9.....no big deal 5 stars
9/21/05 Jordan Awesome 5 stars
8/29/05 Eddie am i saying meow? 5 stars
8/26/05 ES 'Who wants a moustache ride?'= one sickly funny line a comedy does not make 1 stars
6/30/05 A Sense of Humor A great funny movie 5 stars
4/12/05 clatz Fantastic movie, not everyones cup of tea. 4 stars
11/12/04 Tilley Love it. Full of good quotes, and you pick up a few more each time you watch. 5 stars
8/03/04 stefan andersson sickest movie ever 5 stars
4/09/04 james paul davis funny as all hell.I couldnt breath I was laughing so hard 5 stars
2/28/04 mike when it slows down it sloooooows down, but for the most part, a very funny movie. 4 stars
2/26/04 partybabe820 THIS MOVIE ROCKS! one of the funniest movies i've ever seen and definitely my favorite 5 stars
1/11/04 adelleda fizz i loooove this movie!! its seriously one of my favorite movies!!! 5 stars
11/01/03 nenbar HI-larious opening scene 4 stars
9/24/03 ahg im shot qwweer 4 stars
9/12/03 Igor THE FUNNIEST OPENING SCENE I HAVE EVER SEEN. Rest sucks though. still 5 stars for the open 5 stars
9/01/03 Greg Absolutely hilarious, some great great great one liners 5 stars
8/23/03 Shawn A classic comedy!!! Awesome! 5 stars
8/15/03 John Funniest damn movie ever! Great movie for stoners! 5 stars
7/07/03 Alex Should've gone straight to video 1 stars
5/11/03 Jim Amiable nonsense that manages to throw in an actual plot and a few real characters 4 stars
5/06/03 Jody Great movie! very funny 5 stars
4/30/03 Calan This movie is my absolute favorite 5 stars
4/14/03 Jack Bourbon Pants-Pissing Laughs! Gotsta love the final act. 4 stars
3/29/03 Nick Funny as hell. You laugh about it more in retrospect 5 stars
3/25/03 Christina This movie is so retarded, but it's sooo hysterical. I loved it. 5 stars
1/19/03 Jon Novistki Funniest movie, ever! Even after watching it for the 10th time 5 stars
1/06/03 Fish Eye everyone giving this 5 stars is a movie insider - IT SUCKED! 1 stars
1/05/03 Lana This movie is the best! I could watch it over n over again n never get tired of it!! 5 stars
1/02/03 Rache this movie is one of the funniest movies ive ever seeN!! 5 stars
12/27/02 spacecowboy-00x HAHAHAAHHAH GOOD GOD! I've never laughed so much!!! ahahahahah WOOO! Farvo!!!!!! hehehe 5 stars
11/18/02 Nepeta Meow this is a funny movie ! 5 stars
11/18/02 tupac stevens When u watch this movie u dont stop laughing 5 stars
11/10/02 jimmmmmy AMAZING 5 stars
11/06/02 LParker Comedic genius 5 stars
10/26/02 MarktheShark6 Favra has the funniest part of any movie I've ever seen. Period. Chicken fucker. 5 stars
10/13/02 Jessica Meierotto " I loved this movie so much I watch it like everyday! 5 stars
9/29/02 W.C. The Best Cop Movie Ever!! 5 stars
9/25/02 Morally Sound "Oh shit, I got you good you fucker!" Hahaha. 5 stars
8/18/02 .Choadushouse. Hilarious! Not many movies are better to watch with a gang of friends and a loaded bong! 4 stars
8/14/02 Del He's already pulled over.. he can't pull over anymore! 5 stars
8/12/02 Shayna I thought this movie was funny as hell, but then again Im just your average teenager. 4 stars
8/10/02 Film Guy It was funny. but it wasnt that funny. It wasnt great 3 stars
8/09/02 Jared Smith one of the funniest movies i've ever seen, laughin the whole time 5 stars
8/08/02 Film Dude Funniest first 10 minutes to a movie I've seen in a while. 4 stars
8/06/02 spyguy2 Turned it off after 25 minutes. 1 stars
8/06/02 Kristy Fuckin Hillarious ive seen it like 10 times now 5 stars
8/04/02 KMG (.)(.) 1 stars
7/31/02 cici MY FAVORITE MOvie in the UNIVERSE! 5 stars
4/26/02 daena best comedy, better than jay and silent bob 5 stars
4/25/02 Tiffany Faye Hawthorne Makes DROP DEAD FRED or MEET THE DEEDLES look like CITIZEN KANE! 1 stars
4/24/02 Iris Dementia Preacox Apparently Stephanie van der Kellen ain't the biggest goofball in Vermont after all! 1 stars
4/23/02 Natalie Stonecipher Never a good sign when title rhymes with something more interesting, like POOPER SCOOPERS. 2 stars
4/16/02 Nick Goodner I ate 38 hotdogs throughout the movie 5 stars
4/15/02 Peter Truschinger I've seen it twice and would see it again 5 stars
4/09/02 Kelly i've seen it twice and couldn't stop laughing! 5 stars
3/16/02 Dom Corleone I walked out. 1 stars
3/13/02 Ryan this movie is awomse and u should really go see it 5 stars
3/03/02 Poofter don't even try to compare this to Police Academy. PA is stupid humor 4 stars
2/20/02 War Against Crap Maybe it doesn't insult YOUR intelligence, but as for mine... 2 stars
2/20/02 Amanda Funniest movie I've seen in a long time! 5 stars
2/19/02 siro Funny as fuck....You are a dickhead if you disagree. 5 stars
2/17/02 turd I laughed my balls off. 5 stars
2/17/02 Mark A complete waste of time punctuated with a few laughs and a lot of groans. 1 stars
2/17/02 hey very funny movie. 4 stars
2/16/02 Andrew Carden Unfunny and Lame Monty Python Rip-Off. See Police Academy 6 Instead. 1 stars
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  15-Feb-2002 (R)



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