Reviewed By sean
Posted 08/14/98 01:18:23

"any movie where France gets destroyed is good"
3 stars (Just Average)

Before you read this, read my review of "Private Ryan". Or after. you'll understand why after you read it.

back? Or you just don't care?
Either way, I'll say my piece now.
I enjoyed this movie. It's stupid, mindless, and it hurts both your eyes and your ears to watch it, but it was *fun*. It was probably the best straight-up action movie of the summer (with "The Negotiator" not having enough action for that to apply). Because the key is to not take yourself seriously.
Plus having really good actors never hurts. And say what you like about Bruce Willis (can't fuck with "Pulp fiction" or "12 monkeys", in my opinion, but hey...), but Ben Affleck and Billy Bob Thornton are great actors. Liv Tyler was annoying, but in a small role. And Steve Buscemi is always good, but his part was boring 'cause he always plays the same part.
That being said, go to Blockbuster or any other video store, and rent "Miracle Mile". it is by far the best disaster movie I've ever seen, and everybody who sees it loves it, so see it. Don't expect Armageddon to be as good.

It was funny too.

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