Your Friends & Neighbors

Reviewed By davebo
Posted 09/16/98 12:16:30

"'Oh, you're an artist?'"
3 stars (Just Average)

If you haven't had sex yet, this movie isn't gonna be much inspiration.

okay, i agree that Jason Patric was pretty darn good and all, but i found this movie to be boring and somewhat uninspired. blah blah relationships blah blah emotional trauma. haven't we seen this all before? the only thing that really struck me as cool was Apocalyptica's cover of Enter Sandman, <PLUG>Go pick up "Plays Metallica" and "Inquisition Symphony" at your local store or the net</PLUG> my girlfriend wanted to see this one with me cause the ads made it looks so funny and interesting, anyway we didn't get the chance and i'm kinda glad, she'd probably just have broken up with me :P

Just rent something more uplifting, like Schindler's List :P

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