Jackass: The Movie

Reviewed By MP Bartley
Posted 09/02/04 08:26:32

"God forgive me,but I laughed. A lot."
3 stars (Just Average)

'Jackass: The Movie' is perhaps the easiest movie in the world to review. Do you like the tv show? You'll love the movie. Do you hate the tv show? You'll hate the movie.

There's a lot of criticism aimed at 'Jackass'and I'd agree with a lot of it. It promotes dead brained behaviour over thought, intelligence and creativity. For every Johnny Knoxville that has a bit of depth and charm to him, there's 5 long-haired skaterboy loons hanging around him, gibbering nonsense. 'Jackass' has the unfortunate effect of attracting dead-beats, hanger-ons and dropouts who contribute nothing to the show apart from some background scenery. Someone should tell them to get a wash and get a job.

And some stunts just don't work. No matter how many times they dress up as old people to shoplift it won't be amusing. And the party boy who strips off in front of other people and prevents them from crossing a road or doing their job deserves to have every one of his teeth smashed down his fucking throat.That's just annoying, plain and simple.

But then there are the ones that do work and are very, very funny. There's the crocodile set loose in their parents house.There's the paper cuts between the fingers that may well be the most painful thing to watch since Kathy Bates took a sledgehammer to James Caans ankles.

And then there's the highlight of the movie where they sneak onto a golfcourse and interrupt a bunch of jumper wearing middle class pricks by setting off a siren whenever they're ready to tee off. Come on, who wasn't cheering them on when they were doing that? There may be little talent involved here but 'Jackass' has an anti-authority streak a mile wide that's hard to resist.

As I said, it's the easiest movie in the world to review.You already know whether you'll like it or not.

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