Brady Bunch Movie, The

Reviewed By spork-girl
Posted 09/01/98 21:53:00

"The neighbor wants to make a Brady boy sandwich. Yeah, like that."
3 stars (Just Average)

Satire, people. It's good as a SATIRE.

Exploit the cliches, make fun tirelessly, include serious homosexual undertones and you have the endearing piece of comedy contained within the Brady Bunch Movie.

A summary of events: The Bradys have somehow survived intact and unaged into the nineties. There is evil plotting against them by an evil neighbor that will take away their home unless they can come up with 20,000 smackaroos. So the Brady children come to the rescue.

The casting for this movie is perfect. Greg Brady is absolutely hilarious yet not so much that you don't automatically associate his every move with...well, with Greg Brady. And I never even saw the show except for the occasional re-run. Which brings up the point that it was funny even if you hadn't seen every episode.

Marsha is also very well cast. Well, they all are, really. Shelly Long really delivers, I mean, considering she's a dumb blond who left Sam on their wedding day to go write a book or some shit.

The humor is VERY tongue in cheek, and I can completly understand those who tire of it early on. I saw this on video, so I could easily switch to something else if I got bored. it is a good choice when renting a flick you're not sure if you're gunna like. Watch it on a night when there is something else on.

However, I felt this movie was entertaining and accomplished what it set out to do: parody, yet endearing.

3.5 sporks, but since there is no decimal ranking system, I'll round down, because Shelly Long is in it, and she was never right for Sam anyways,

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