My Favorite Martian

Reviewed By Chris Parry
Posted 05/16/99 23:29:14

"If you have a ten year old in tow, you could do a whole lot worse"
2 stars (Pretty Crappy)

Utterly devoid of any original thought, out comes another big screen adaptation of a much beloved old TV sitcom of yesteryear. How badly have they butchered the memory? Pretty badly, but not nearly as badly as you'd expect. But for a rampantly awful Liz Hurley, My Favorite Martian has enough going for it to keep the littlies chuckling and the parents awake.

Oh, how I wanted to despise this film. The original TV show was never the greatest of projects, and adding 'has-been' Hannah, 'never-will-be' Hurley, 'keeps-trying-to-be' Lloyd and 'doesn't-care-either-way' Daniels seemed a recipe for disaster.

...then came word that a large part of the film featured a talking spacesuit called Zoot. Dear lord. They must have had a team of monkeys working around the clock on that one.

Well, a free ticket came this way and better to see an awful movie than no movie at all, so pride was thrown out the window and I took my place in an empty theatre...

And as a grown up, adult movie... as a comedy thriller... as a remake... as a way to spend two hours... sucked.

But as a kids' film, something to shunt your ten year old cousins into, it wasn't all that bad at all. Certainly beats the living crap out of that sad "The King And I" effort from the WB.

Daniels is a TV news producer who's all in Liz Hurley's shit. She's a reporter, and her daddy is the station boss. She's nastay. Suddenly, UFO CRASH! AAARGH! Alien takes human form in the shape of Christopher Lloyd (surely you'd choose someone... ANYONE.. better looking then him to look like if you had a choice) and lives with Daniels, creating all kinds of wackiness and furniture destruction. Lloyd has a spacesuit that dances, sings, relaxes in the washing machine and drinks bleach like whiskey. And he has the voice of Seinfeld's postal worker - Newman. Oh, joy.

So the Government headed up by Dr E. Coli (Get it? Ecoli? See, that's comedy) wants to find the alien, and nice guy Daniels wants to hide him and Hurley wants the big story and Hannah is a TV camerawoman who wants to wear Daniels like a g-string.

Sound hilarious? Yeah, right. And the first reason it isn't is one Liz Hurley. She can't do comedy worth a damn. Anyone who gave her props for Austin Powers needs to take a long look at her actual involvement in that comedy. "Stand there, hold melon over boob, say line without laughing...", sorry folks, that ain't a stirring comedy performance, and even in this washed up company, Hurley is an aberration. A complete scene-killer. So awful it hurts to watch. She's funny as a car wreck, and just as painful.

Everyone else is fine enough, they do their jobs, earn their pay. Nobody in this company is going to win academy awards any time soon, so whaddyawant?

The script is sincerely awful to begin with, but manages to pick things up as it goes. If you can deal with the awful lines in the first half hour...

Alien to spacesuit: Oh, don't be such a wet blanket.
Spacesuit to alien: You keep my mother out of this!

...then at least you know it will only get better. To be honest, there are some funny moments along the way, and the effects aren't horrendous at all.

Bottom line, if you need to keep the sprogs amused for a few hours and don't mind groaning a little, there's some yuks to be had here. Some.

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