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Natural Born Killers
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by Chef ADogg

"Hey, violence is neat!"
2 stars

Watching "Natural Born Killers," I realized for the first time that Oliver Stone had gone completely batty--and I don't mean that in a good way. Some people go crazy and it inspires delightfully off-the-wall art (see the entire Ed Wood canon); some people go crazy and the result is like soggy waffles in technicolor. Ollie falls way into the latter category.

I really looked forward to seeing this movie. When it came out, I wasn't allowed to see it, because my parents were afraid that it would warp my mind and set me loose on an interstate killing spree. So I had to wait a few years, until I was 14 and the kind folks at Blockbuster finally started letting me rent vidoes without calling my parents first. I clutched the tape in my sweaty hands and set out for home, daydreaming ultraviolently all the way. It's about a mile and a half walk to my house, so when I finally got to the crib and popped this in the VCR, my brain was fried.

I was totally psyched as the opening credits rolled. I expected something that I had never seen before; something weird and twisted, with a light, slightly fruity after taste. What I got was two hours of full-on overkill--blood soaked techno boogie set to Nine Inch Nails, with ever-shifting film stocks and Robert Downey Jr. slapping on the fakest Australian accent I've ever heard.

Reading over the last paragraph, I realize that my description makes one want to rip off one's shirt and yell "Boo yah!" as loud as is humanly possible. I should let you know right now that this is not the reaction you will have while watching the movie. If you're like me, this movie will transform you into a ticking time bomb of fury. I personally wanted to turn it off halfway through, smash my chair, and masturbate violently until the memories were gone.

The plot centers around two crazy hicks who go through this fair country slaughtering its innocent population. Once again, I'm making this sound cooler than it really is; if the hicks had been named Kid Rock and Joe C., and they went to strip clubs after each murder, this movie probably would have been pretty good. It would have at least been funny. But the hicks are Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis, and they're not funny. They're like the kids you knew in high school who listened to the Doors and never bathed, except for more blood-thirsty.

So they kill a bunch of people. That's pretty much it. There are some elements of satire buried deep within the mix, but that stuff is neither funny nor fresh. "Oooh, the media is bad! They make heroes out of serial killers!" If that sounds like your cup of tea, you'll want to ignore this movie and rent "Man Bites Dog," a wacky foreign flick which basically covers the same ground but is ten times more disturbing and fifty times better. "MBD" is a small black and white flick that runs about ninety minutes and contains almost no explicit violence; "Natural Born Killers" is two hours, contains more gore than you can shake a severed head at, and has almost no point whatsoever when the credits roll. The message is so jumbled that it's not even worth trying to sort it out.

I have to give Stone a few props for trying something different--he mixes together a bunch of different styles in hopes of crafting a unique vision. I guess that somewhat works, since this isn't like any other movies, but there's no coherent storyline to make it a worthwhile viewing experience. It's like he tries on a bunch of different clothes without ever making up his mind what he's going to wear. It just gets annoying after awhile and you want to turn the tape off.

In short, Oliver Stone needs to grow up, lay off the acid, and go back to film school. He's at a point where his films have grown "above" structure, plot, and character development; I sincerely hope someone beats him with his own crack pipe until he comes back to his senses and delivers the "Wall Street" sequel we've all been waiting for.

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originally posted: 05/03/00 20:35:35
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User Comments

1/09/18 Kaede My favorite movie. 5 stars
9/14/17 morris campbell used to be cool now its lame 1 stars
3/12/16 The Iron Pope I liked it as a teenager but watching it again as a grown up I see it for what it is. Crap 1 stars
5/01/15 stanley welles great, dazzling and wickedly funny 4 stars
10/21/11 Eric S. See the problem is you have to pull your head out of your ass, to see the screen 5 stars
2/16/10 86masters Absolutely pathetic! 1 stars
11/22/09 Jeff Wilder Entertaining albeit overedited. Focus more on the story next time Mr. Stone. 4 stars
10/19/09 Viv I felt like my eyes had been raped. Unnecessarily violent, pathetic attempt at a 'message' 1 stars
10/05/09 Justin Zeigler My favorite movie and I know movies. If you like transformers movie you are to dumb it 5 stars
4/08/09 Dane Youssef Too much style over substance. Stone focuses too much on his FX, not enough on simple story 3 stars
1/26/09 Shaun Wallner Kept me on the edge of the seat! 5 stars
1/20/09 Stefan One of the worst films EVER made. 1 stars
5/31/08 jointz Oliver Stone needs to look up "subtlety" and "restraint" in the dictionary. 1 stars
5/04/08 P Keenan a cinematic masterpiece, by the genius Oliver Stone. The best film of the 1990's 5 stars
1/15/08 God The people who hate this film are either cowards or guilt ridden. 5 stars
5/26/07 Christina Nothing compares. This is, hands down, the greatest film I've ever seen. 5 stars
3/27/07 fools♫gold Well, any movie that includes a Nine Inch Nails song MUST be a thoughtful masterwork. 5 stars
3/25/07 Eric R What a waste of celluloid. One of the worst films ever. 1 stars
12/30/06 Bitchflaps A complete waste of time, could have been written by a 10 year old. Wretched film. 1 stars
11/30/06 David Pollastrini very psychedelic 5 stars
11/16/06 JM Synth A Fascinating Misfire. All Sound and Fury in aid of the same old media satire 3 stars
10/03/06 Jeremy Davies Gross, but entertaining 4 stars
11/02/05 Zedd The bad guys win. They have brains.They do it for a reason. Like in real life. The truth. 5 stars
9/19/05 John it becomes what it seeks to critizice - gartuitous nonsense 1 stars
8/19/05 ES 'He was my bear claw' priceless = movie ok 3 stars
8/07/05 Winkie Good movie. (Its called Dope Hat, dammit!) 4 stars
6/17/05 Marcia Gay Soften Even editing out Ashley Judd couldn't save this mess! 1 stars
6/12/05 Agent Sands My personal favorite of Oliver Stone's movies, and one of my favorite Tarantinos. 5 stars
6/07/05 Indrid Cold A ferocious, audacious satire. Stunning, but too scattershot to have much impact. 4 stars
5/29/05 Jake Sick, twisted, disgusting, and most of all...brilliant! 5 stars
5/24/05 The shizz It was ok, could have been way better it say....tarantino directed it????? 5 stars
3/22/05 Richard Pryor interesting movie. woody harrelson rocks 4 stars
3/02/05 marianna please remove my posts from this message board a mistake i'm sorry. 4 stars
12/28/04 Jenna Furr An extra star just because Ashley Judd was edited out of it. 2 stars
12/26/04 mjoc Mindless, senseless violence with no story. Bad stuff! 1 stars
12/23/04 iliija Pavlovich, PhD outstanding cinematic achievment 5 stars
12/06/04 Kurt Cobain Hard movie to talk about, but a good movie with a message for the most part... 4 stars
11/15/04 Jarrod this movie is almost like a shakespearean romance..u have love and murder,ponder that 4 stars
10/09/04 jmb the idea that Man Bites Dog has little explicit violence is totally wrong 4 stars
10/02/04 Daveman Well done Anthony G, you aptly represent this films fanbase as a bunch of boneheads. 1 stars
9/01/04 adolfo very good movie 5 stars
8/14/04 Anthony G eat dick dave 4 stars
7/02/04 Daveman An utterly worthless, pretentious sadistic piece of shit. 1 stars
6/18/04 Matt Cordell It only gets awesome at the prison breakout. It takes the movie in a different direction. 3 stars
4/28/04 Mallory Knox It is Fate, you can't stop fate 5 stars
4/16/04 Michael Greenwaldt An awful, overrated, pretentious piece of crap! One of the worst of all time! 1 stars
4/12/04 Feliciano The greatest antihero couple and the greatest representation of this corrupted century!!!! 5 stars
3/30/04 antipathy It's not hypocrisy, it's satire . . . 5 stars
3/06/04 mickey i love this movie this motherfucker is suckin his own cock 5 stars
3/04/04 Monster W. Kung One of the worst movies ever made. 1 stars
2/25/04 Wanda Dilbeck cold bloodly 2 stars
2/03/04 Jan I've seen the Director's Cut and was blown away. Thanks to Oliver and to Quentin, you rock! 5 stars
12/25/03 Graham A. Howarth absolutely awesome 5 stars
11/27/03 John the road to hell is paved with good intentions (and great cinematography in this case) 2 stars
10/29/03 tediboy amateur-styled exploitation movie for people high on drugs..! weird but watchable 3 stars
10/23/03 emma phizackerley brilliant 5 stars
10/10/03 Jens-Christian Jensen It's not funny. It's not exiting. It just made me sick. I don't like paying to get sick. 1 stars
9/29/03 Jade, fan of Mick and Mallory This isn't a film, its a preminition.. 5 stars
9/14/03 Sauron The best film i've ever seen! 5 stars
9/02/03 Natasha I thought it was well done, very artistic, creative, fun 4 stars
8/31/03 Senem brilliant!!it makes one sempathise with evil characters by using supreme degree of violance 5 stars
8/17/03 bobby d this movie rules 5 stars
8/09/03 Psilly Tri(:P this movie da fucking shit ya hear 5 stars
8/09/03 Geo78665 The first half is nearly a waste, but the second half is really good. 3 stars
7/17/03 AD not that great 3 stars
7/11/03 Indrid Cold A brilliantly ferocious satire of all-American shallowness and bloodlust. 4 stars
6/19/03 Vince Watch it again you fucks. 4 stars
4/25/03 hello this movie sucks mmm i will kiss Oliver Stone's ass for he is smarter than me, a simpleton, and i am amazed 1 stars
2/01/03 Monster W. Kung Unwatchable crap. 'Oh-so-surreal' headache-inducing visuals, lobotomized 'message'. Awful. 1 stars
1/30/03 Erica that movie is the worst fucking movie i have ever see in my whole life... fucking horrible! 1 stars
1/19/03 Film Liker Absolute worst; deplorable. Everybody involved in the making and writing should be put down 1 stars
12/28/02 Jack Sommersby An overdirected, bombastic debacle. 1 of the worst. 1 stars
10/14/02 Charles Tatum Yes, Oliver, you are so dangerous... 3 stars
9/29/02 Laura Morales Awesome as a nihilistic, visceral, and darkly hilarious EXPLOITATION flick! 5 stars
9/25/02 Morally Sound It is required you see this movie at least TWO times! 5 stars
9/03/02 Joe Zappa I watched it again and really it's an important and really good movie! 5 stars
7/27/02 sdjfsdkjf deplorable. Everybody in the making and writing should be put down except Tarantino. 1 stars
6/01/02 Renee Keener Tasteless, incongrous clash of shock sensationalism and ludicrous travesty. 1 stars
4/15/02 joe shit 1 stars
3/21/02 Mr. Hat (I'm Back!) If they'd have stuck with QT's original script, it wouldn't have been so annoying & stupid! 1 stars
3/13/02 Alex One of the worst movies I've ever seen. A visceral flick with satirical pretense. 1 stars
3/01/02 Unagiboy The worst movie I've ever seen. It talks down to the audience. 1 stars
1/10/02 Iain Anglin Mister Rabbit says a moment of realization, is worth a thousands prayers. Brilliant 5 stars
12/12/01 slappy jacks i will kill anyone who dares dislike this film =) 5 stars
12/08/01 Andrew Carden Harrelson Is Cast-Typed, The Plot Is Lame, and The Screenplay Is Forgettable. 2 stars
12/05/01 john linton roberson Oliver Stone should've stopped here.Misunderstood live-action cartoon. 5 stars
11/09/01 Iain Anglin Natural Born Killers is one of the best films ever made 5 stars
9/03/01 the Grinch Ophie's right...ya seen this one once, ya seen it enough. 3 stars
8/09/01 E-Funk Regardless of the heat that's come down on this film, it's one of a kind...amazing. 5 stars
7/14/01 sarah overly pretentious, but then again its oliver stone. 4 stars
5/11/01 Chris The best movie in the history of cinema - perfect message, directing , editing 5 stars
4/01/01 Jesse L Like watching a car wreck... 2 stars
3/26/01 BART it was eccentric 3 stars
3/11/01 *~Danielle*Ophelia~* (formerly KyLe*BrOfLoVsKi) Visually dizzying, loved Mallory's home-life montage, but I didn't care for it as a whole 3 stars
2/14/01 Chris Rice It is one of the best movies I have ever seen 5 stars
1/16/01 The Terminator Wasn't what I expected, it was better 5 stars
12/30/00 Msitrab This film cannot be put into words 5 stars
11/29/00 dave(clubwraith@aol.com) kick ass 5 stars
11/28/00 The Evil Penguin Very weird in every way 2 stars
11/22/00 Stephan Pot Awesome 5 stars
10/28/00 steven hargreaves What a fucked up film. I wanted to kill someone after this. BRILLIANT 5 stars
10/23/00 JC23 Very misunderstood, I thought it was very good 5 stars
10/09/00 Xessus A very interesting movie - highly reccommended to those who can handle the content. 5 stars
9/20/00 Bruce A true cinematic experience, no where near as bad as people said. 5 stars
6/12/00 DAVID Ive never ever really liked Oliver Stone 2 stars
3/05/00 Kyle Broflovski What a bunch of fucking dreck. Even the brilliant actors can't save this slop. 2 stars
1/03/00 Paul Frantic, mesmerising, cutting brilliance 5 stars
10/07/99 sophia962 POMO angst and isn't the world a foul sty. Oh kiss my ass and go away Oliver, no one cares 1 stars
10/03/99 Freaked Looks of action, but look for subtext too 5 stars
6/16/99 J-Dogg The Perfect Film -- exciting, energetic, and gory. The critics misunderstood this one. 5 stars
5/12/99 ras_jose@yahoo.com oliver stone may be the most demented major director alive.this movie is awful. 1 stars
5/07/99 Scott this is one of my favorite movies of all time! definetely worth a look 5 stars
5/04/99 Big Dog The worst movie ever made, what a sick fuck 1 stars
1/10/99 twisted barbie a true love story 5 stars
12/05/98 tj a movie that wants to be big and important but simply isn't 2 stars
11/26/98 G A very complex movie. See it more than once and really watch 5 stars
11/26/98 Mr.Pink Stone's best film. A hallucinating, apocalyptic and visual nightmare... 5 stars
11/25/98 Fred It's a satire of the 1990's! Wake the fuck up and smell the maple nut crunch! 5 stars
11/18/98 MinxxDaShorty How sexy am I now flirty boy!!!! I'd watch this film just for Juilliette, but I love it all 5 stars
11/12/98 Jules Went from Crazy Wild Fresh -> Typical, Slow, and Stupid.... What a waste. 3 stars
10/28/98 Silent Rob A multi-sense pummeling extravaganza. See it with some one you love! 5 stars
10/23/98 grunter pushes the envelope hard; visceral, balls-out joyride; misinterpreted masterpiece 5 stars
9/15/98 Lonatic Oliver Stone is a sick idiot! What a waste of film!! 1 stars
9/08/98 Young Einstein it had it's moments, but it was too MTV like. 4 stars
9/07/98 Damien This movie rocked, a classic to me, long live Oliver Stone 5 stars
9/04/98 Badass A wonderful satire. 5 stars
9/01/98 J-Guy trendy junk. I hated this shit. should have watched something good instead. 2 stars
8/29/98 Miss Stress had nightmares for days. 4 stars
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