Prey for Rock and Roll

Reviewed By Slyder
Posted 05/10/05 17:16:55

"Disappointing effort that could have been better"
3 stars (Just Average)

Prey for Rock and Roll deals with the perennial underdog, the rock band that has played over the years but has always fallen short of hitting it big. The movie itself also suffers from the same fate.

Jacki (Gina Gershon) is the singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist/bandleader of a fledging all-girl hard rock punk band whom has been going on and around the bend for several years, and itís taking a toll on Jacki since sheís approaching 40 and hasnít been able to get the break that sheís longed for the longest time. Faith (Lori Petty) is the lead guitarist who madly in love with good-natured drummer Sally (Shelly Cole) and has a second job teaching hyperactive kids how to play guitar while Sallyís brother Animal (Marc Blucas) shows up fresh out of jail and sparks a romantic interest between him and Jacki. Tracy (Drea De Matteo), the bands bassist has an asshole boyfriend called Nick (Ivan Martin) and is suffering from a serious drugs-and-alcohol addiction.

The casting and the setting is perfect, showing off the low-end of the stick, where many of the wannabe bands are trying to pay their dues and try and make it big. Gershon, Cole, Petty and De Matteo are all convincing as they show the stress and the wear of the years trying to make it big and getting fucked every time in the process. Unfortunately, the plot of the movie is too clunky for itís own good since a pair of subplots into several of the band members, especially Jackiís and Faithís arenít completely explored and the personal struggles of each of them become more of a routine in finding what the hell is it that the screenwriters could scrap in order to keep the movie interesting; a major haphazard for writers Robin Whitehouse and Cherri Lovedog whose play is the basis of the movie. Which leads us to the songs, which in all truth, suck. Only 1 or 2 are so-so, but the rest are pretty close to horseshit, but then I think, had there been at least 1 good song, the whole movie couldíve been a lot different, maybe.

As it stands, itís a fairly modest movie, with some really good performances from the cast, but it still falls short due to its plot shortcomings and lame-ass songs so a little disappointment isnít out of the question. 3-5

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