Mod Squad, The

Reviewed By Filmink Magazine (owes us money)
Posted 08/22/99 23:10:52

"Like bad TV."
1 stars (Sucks)

If you were a fan of the original TV series this is 'based' on, you're going to hate this movie. But if you've never seen that series before and are going in expecting something cool, exciting and fun... well, you're still going to hate this movie. Mod Squad has its moments, but the script is just so trite and pseudo-hip that it leaves you squirming right through.

Danes, Ribisi and Epps are young folks who were on the wrong side of the law until a kindly policeman (Farina) takes them under his wing. They'll report to him, and get into areas that real cops never could, but they can't carry guns and won't rat on 'the kids'. All is well until one night when the boss-man is shot. "Well that sucks, but hey, we're not cops, it's none of our business, see ya later..." Of course, this attitude lasts about minute, before they all get predicably guilty consciences and decide to find the shooter. From here on it's like a 1999 version of The Hardy Boys, reduced to laughable crime-solving techniques. Granted, they're kids, but still. Eavesdropping? Snooping? Recording evidence on a micro-cassette in the pouring rain? How very Scooby Doo.

The cliches and pop culture references fly thick and fast ("I feel like I should say I'm gettin' too old for this shit") and the final scene set in an abandoned warehouse is so predictable that even the characters themselves predict it. Of the performances, Danes is the usual dependable Danes, but Epps (Higher Learning) is more wooden than Howdy Doody and Ribisi looks like he's trying not to break out in giggles.

The rest of the production is decent enough, but it's the script that leaves this film looking like bad TV. There are better bad cop movies, but few so oddly disappointing as this one. --- Ryan Arthur

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