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Big Daddy
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by desdemona

"A chick movie that guys might like."
4 stars

I'm getting sick of crying during movies that advertise themselves as comedies. Big Daddy was definately a good movie. Adam Sandler is a great actor, and I love all his movies. However, Big Daddy was more of a romantic-comedy than straight up humor, which is what we've come to expect from Mr. Sandler. This whole comedy-drama thing must stop.

Big Daddy is the story of loser Sonny (Adam Sandler). He doesn't get up until mid-afternoon, has a job where he only works one day a week, and has no motivation whatsoever. His girlfriend is thinking about dumping him because he is such a loser, so in an attempt to show her how "responsible" he can be, he adopts a child named Julian (played by twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse). Turns out, Sonny's roommate Kevin (Jon Stewart) got really drunk one night a few years back and conceived a child, unbeknownst to him. Well, five years later the mom was dieing and decided it would be a good idea to give little Julian to his natural father, who didn't want his new fiance Corrin (Leslie Mann) to find out about his old wild side. So, Sonny lies to the adoption agency and says he's Kevin so he can take care of the kid to get his girlfriend back. But, what do you know? Sonny's plan backfires on him and his girlfriend ends up with a (MUCH) older guy. So now he's stuck with Julian. Does this or does this not sound like a set-up for one of those cute untamed-soul-learning-how-to-love-and-settle-down movies?

Yep, sure does.

So of course Sonny falls in love with the kid. And of course Julian falls in love with his new big daddy. And of course Sonny and Julian meet a girl named Layla (Joey Lauren Adams) who thinks they're both cute and ends up dating Sonny. And of course there's a big dramatic scene where Julian gets taken away because Sonny lied to the agency, and of course they have to fight to get him back; can you guess how it ends yet?

But what would a cute romantic comedy be without a little drama?

True, this was definately a comedy. It was funny, but it was innocent-funny, not toilet-funny (like Sandler movies usually are). It was CUTE, operative word being cute. Cute is good, but cute is not always hysterically funny. Neither was this movie.
Big Daddy was equal parts comedy and drama/romance, which isn't necessarilly bad, just not what was expected. Hell, I was tearing up at one point, and that is just not something you do at a comedy.

Sandler was good in his role, though. Many comedians, when given the chance, pull off the comically dramatic role well. Think Jim Carrey in The Truman Show or Robin Williams in anything he's ever been in--that was Adam Sandler in Big Daddy. He played the confused, irresponsible, clueless but caring role of Sonny very well. I did not have a hard time believing that he had no idea what the hell he was doing, but yet he obviously cared about Julian very much. The other actors were very good, too, but their roles weren't a very large part of the movie. And let's not forget Steve Buscemi's cameo! The twin boys that played Julian were absolutely adorable; they were like cute little empty shells just waiting to be filled with the love of a good father. The pissing on walls and tripping rollerbladers with sticks was so cute I couldn't take it.

There were some genuinely trashy-funny moments in this movie, which were probably the only reason it was a decent comedy. Sonny and Kevin's fiance Corrin did NOT get along, and they were always making lude and crude comments to each other whenever possible (usually about Hooters). And Sonny, being the naive parent that he is, did some funny things with piss and vomit while trying to take care of Julian. But, all that toiletry aside, it was still a romantic comedy.

A few things that bothered me about this movie are as follows: first of all, how on earth did Sonny make enough money to support Julian and himself if he only worked one day a week; and second, why did Kevin seem like he didn't care about Julian at all, even though he was the natural father? These little discrepancies are covered by a big lawsuit settlement for Sonny which he got a while before the movie took place (so he didn't need to make money) and a business trip to China for Kevin (so he couldn't be ther for Julian anyway). But it all seems too convenient to me.....

And there was a court scene at the end that was about as believable as OJ's innocence and Bill Clinton's testimonies. Sorry, but a judge would not give you some free time while you were on the stand to talk to your father about love and fear.

The ending was a little disappointing. It was kind of like the end of The Object of My Affection. It was still a happy ending, but it didn't end exactly the way I wanted it to. Then again, if it would have ended exactly the way I wanted, it would have been a PAINFULLY predictable movie.

Girls will like it because it's cute and sad. Guys will like it because Sandler's in it. I guess you can't go wrong.

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originally posted: 07/30/99 00:16:10
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User Comments

8/25/12 roscoe average at best. the layla character aonest bonding ruined laughternd the h 2 stars
7/19/08 Shaun Wallner Sandler brings it again in this film! Genius! 5 stars
3/02/08 SamanthaPayntr so funny, that kid is cute! i always get all misty at the end, awwww 4 stars
2/08/07 Raph Branca More Sandler nonsense. That's a good thing. 4 stars
12/05/06 Sharon This movie was just ok for me. Afew chuckles. 3 stars
7/07/06 NS Hilarious and awesome! 5 stars
6/05/06 Tyler Totten funny funny movie 5 stars
5/01/06 Anthony Feor Adam Sandler can do Drama, I was surprised too 3 stars
3/20/06 natalie very funny i watched it over 100 times 4 stars
2/12/06 jessica im in love with that movie i just watched it last night cole and dylan did great 5 stars
12/23/05 cody a good adam sandler with great music like sweet child of mine, good soild picture 4 stars
12/02/05 Jennifer S. The best movie Sandler ever made! 5 stars
7/21/05 tony A classic funny film! 4 stars
7/19/05 Amy wonderfully funny movie 4 stars
6/02/04 lesa Williams i loved this movie. there was no point but then again it was hilarious. 4 stars
2/15/04 the gourd Sandler is a fucking faggot, anyone who likes his movies likes dicks in their mouth 1 stars
2/09/04 Whatevr Worth going out and renting. 4 stars
2/05/04 Tim Cappitte one of the best movies ever 5 stars
12/09/03 animosus This movie is good, not because of Sandler but because of the twins. Watch and rate it ! :) 5 stars
10/25/03 Samuel boring at times... 3 stars
9/30/03 Crysal Pezant Best Movie All Around 5 stars
9/25/03 Christina Best Movie!! I have it at home and i love watchin' it!! It's one of Adam's best movie!!!!!! 5 stars
7/25/03 3man Less funny and more sappy than other Sandler flicks. 4 stars
5/21/03 joe mama sandler sucks altogether 1 stars
5/02/03 kitfo was that a movie or a McDonald's commercial 1 stars
4/11/03 Jack Sommersby Good time-killer, but it goes waaaay too nice in the final third. Ech! 3 stars
11/09/02 Michael Bolton oh my god, sandler's downhill trail of crap continues... 1 stars
11/03/02 kymberly the best movie eva 5 stars
7/27/02 Kyle Great movie 5 stars
7/06/02 hilarydsur awesome but sad 5 stars
6/28/02 Film Dude Not as good as Happy Gilmore. 3 stars
6/07/02 Film Guy ALRIGHHHHHHHHHHHHT 4 stars
4/02/02 Butterbean This and The Waterboy made me stop going to Adam Sandlers movie in theaters. 2 stars
1/16/02 David A. A comedy that ends up being a heart-warmer. Good if you like that sort of thing ( I don't) 4 stars
1/01/02 Andrew Carden Tries To Be Funny, but The Script Is Lame and Quite Dull. 1 stars
12/24/01 Jeremy okay 5 stars
11/19/01 Badfish Excellent!!! 5 stars
11/08/01 Mark Scubaman is the true star of the movie. 5 stars
8/30/01 Gary Toilet humour at its worst. The ending made me want to vomit. 1 stars
8/08/01 E-Funk Good intentions, some funny stuff, but overly-sappy. 4 stars
8/06/01 Mr. Hat I can't help it. I love this movie. 5 stars
6/06/01 King Jackass Joey Lauren Adams is fine! Oh yeah, the movie was okay too. 4 stars
5/06/01 Gracy Lionheart I am not a Sandler fan, but I actually liked this movie. 4 stars
4/09/01 Gary This is a really good movie. I like it because Sandler plays a serious role. 4 stars
4/03/01 Andrew Carden The first Sandler movie to be heartwarming. He should stick to crude stuff though. 3 stars
3/10/01 Shaun Turner awesome, sandler's greatest movie 5 stars
12/27/00 Turtle Jon Stewart saves this from being a blob of nothingness. 2 stars
12/01/00 Elvisfan Stink. Stank. Stunk. Adam & his fan need to grow up 1 stars
8/14/00 Chickiepoo Piss poor acting and not funny! 1 stars
7/29/00 The Bomb 69 it was stupid humor done well, entertaining 4 stars
4/23/00 Ryan Only good part was looking at adam sandler... he kinda cute 2 stars
4/20/00 foxgroundcolt hooters,hooters,hooters!!! 3 stars
3/25/00 Richard Wright Not bad as Sandler movies go, but his popularity remains mystifying. Fun, if not memorable. 3 stars
3/09/00 David Rogers Boring and unfunny. Adam what have they done to you! 1 stars
3/09/00 Kyle Broflovski Adam Sandler's trademark hoarse yelling alone is worth the ride. 4 stars
12/11/99 Obi Wan Last Adam Movie I ever watch! Movies sucked...repetive Gay and Tit jokes!! get boring 1 stars
11/09/99 MAFIABOY!! wanst expecting much........walked out with nothing. 2 stars
11/04/99 Mike Very avaerge movie 2 stars
10/13/99 Rachael Very funny 5 stars
10/13/99 Alison A great movie for all to see. Recommend it for everyone 5 stars
10/10/99 HotStuff It was okay but I waz expecting better?? 4 stars
10/05/99 karen good 5 stars
10/03/99 Lindsey I loved this movie, I thought it was another great Adam Sandler movie!!! 5 stars
10/02/99 amanda cool ass 5 stars
9/23/99 KK Marginal at best. 3 stars
9/22/99 Mark Dainty Where's the funny angry Happy Gilmore guy. Better than "The Waterboy" - but only just. 3 stars
9/15/99 Ratso I'm sorry, Adam Sandler movies aren't complete unless he fights a game show host. 1 stars
9/11/99 Jason Kinsey Sandler's movie's are getting kinda gay 3 stars
9/10/99 Timbo MEDIOCRE 3 stars
8/26/99 Ami the Wonderbread worth a look 4 stars
8/12/99 cody better than Waterboy, not close to happy gilmore 4 stars
8/12/99 Dragonfly Rent it on video. Don't see it in the theater. 3 stars
7/31/99 Obi Wan Not Impressed at his Gay Jokes..Tit Jokes..and his jokes seemed lame!!!!!!!!!! Hated it!!! 1 stars
7/30/99 Michael Glaringly sappy, scarcely funny, & Adam Sandler failing as an actor. Fucking worthless 1 stars
7/27/99 trend the ending needed a little help but all in all a movie worth seeing 4 stars
7/26/99 emperor what was with the ending? 2 stars
7/24/99 Craig At least he got rid of that stupid accent from that crap-fest the waterboy. 4 stars
7/21/99 Miss Bee starts out pretty good, but seems like they just made up some crap at the end to end it. 4 stars
7/11/99 Katie It was okay, cute and some funny parts, but no Billy Madison. 3 stars
7/11/99 Starry Knight A million times better than the WaterBoy 5 stars
7/10/99 Cherry I don't like 'Guy Movies'. This one is defintely a 'Guy Movie'. GROSS! 3 stars
7/10/99 Chef ADogg Soft core comedy is not as bad as soft core porn, but nearly. 3 stars
7/09/99 Scott Pretty much what you would expect from a Sandler movie. Same character, different name. 3 stars
7/07/99 Polly All I can say is that I love the funny mooV's best! 5 stars
7/05/99 Angie ok...every funny part in the movie was in the previews!! overall it was really cute. 4 stars
7/05/99 Tristynn not as bad as I expected.. pretty good for a Adam Sandler movie..this one HAD a story line! 4 stars
7/03/99 Dave Worth renting but not a trip to the theater 3 stars
7/03/99 EmpresS Some Humor, not a lot, are the key words... 3 stars
7/02/99 Bill Hartman Like a cross between Billy Madison and the Wedding Singer. Some Humor, Some Heart. 4 stars
6/29/99 Tony Daquano best since Happy Gilmore 5 stars
6/29/99 Kortan Worth it jsut for the sheryl crow cover of Sweet Child o' Mine 4 stars
6/29/99 Jason Erbey Adam Sandler is THE MAN!!! I love him! 5 stars
6/28/99 iyu Kicks the shit out of Waterboy. But not as funny as his others. A really cute movie though. 5 stars
6/28/99 Bartleby It was a typical Sandler movie, lots of laughs, little substance 4 stars
6/28/99 Spoon I thought it was very poorly thought out. i might have giggled a few times 1 stars
6/28/99 Cage Calm down everyone... It was very funny, but OK at best. 3 stars
6/28/99 Randall There was so much good in this movie, but something still didn't sit right with me 4 stars
6/27/99 P.S.O.K That judge was a bitch! 4 stars
6/27/99 matchbox20 FUNNY MOVIE. The best 7 bucks I have ever spent! 5 stars
6/26/99 jvt Sandler's best since Happy Gilmore despite diving into some sappy moments 5 stars
6/26/99 Mr Showbiz The gags are almost as abundant as the product placements for McDonalds and Hooters 4 stars
6/26/99 Malbert Different from Adam Sandler's usual, but still great 5 stars
6/25/99 Jason Pedrick It was ssoooo funny 5 stars
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  25-Jun-1999 (PG-13)


  16-Sep-1999 (PG)

Directed by
  Dennis Dugan

Written by
  Steve Franks
  Tim Herlihy
  Adam Sandler

  Adam Sandler
  Joey Lauren Adams
  Jon Stewart
  Leslie Mann
  Josh Mostel

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