Revolution Will Not Be Televised, The

Reviewed By Greg Muskewitz
Posted 05/12/04 18:16:23

"Right place, wrong time; or, Wrong place, right time?"
3 stars (Just Average)

A coup caught in the act — as a documentary crew from Ireland work on a personal basis with Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, considered a politician for the people, has his main party rivalry plot to overthrow and replace him with one of their own.

Serving not alone to show the insider’s view on the events, and as they happened, it also provides contradiction to the lies that much of the country were force-fed. (Though it has not gone without backlash itself; counterclaims have been made that the documentary is being just as manipulative as how Chavez’s opposition was presented.) A compelling watch, clocking in at a mere 74-minutes, the action of events takes the precedence in telling and showing what and how it happened, with little intervention or outside participation of the filmmakers themselves. Which means, when we’re all caught up and the action has played out, there is little insight offered in addition to the “facts.” Directed by Kim Bartley and Donnacha O’Briain.

[See it if you must.]

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