Sin ton ni Sonia

Reviewed By Greg Muskewitz
Posted 02/04/04 16:47:04

1 stars (Sucks)

Idiotic Mexican comedy about a philandering, non-committal Spanish-language TV dubber and his holistic nutty girlfriend (she worries about the race of man being non-biodegradable), and continued examples of why their relationship does not work.

(The only scenes that have any intentional humor that occasionally slip through are in the dubbing room, but that’s such an easy target to make fun of, the real dubbers usually do it themselves.) Somewhere in between their failed romance, they each have a rebound, with baggage of their own, and there’s a cop subplot that involves an organ-thieving nun named Mama Rosa. In addition to being so poorly scripted, acted, directed (the first and last-mentioned by Carlos Sama), the abstinence of laughs easily results in shoddy work all around, connecting no rhythm between any of the characters in any of the various plotlines. Its attitude of tongue-in-cheek translates to lengüeta-en-culo. With Juan Manuel Bernal, Mariana Gajá, Cecilia Suárez, and Tara Parra.

[Not to be bothered with.]

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