Reviewed By Charles Tatum
Posted 04/12/04 11:00:20

"Gingerly Skip"
1 stars (Sucks)

Cheri Caffaro stars as an all purpose spy/detective with quite the racist personal agenda!

Ginger is recruited by a detective agency to help stop a ring of bad guys who whore out women to wealthy suburbanites for blackmail purposes. They run drugs on the side, taking advantage of the giant tourist population that flocks to the golden shores of coastal...New Jersey.

All the bad guys, and girls, dress in the height of 1971 fashion, and that is the film's only high point. Other than that, and much like this film's unfortunate sequel "The Abductors," too many fat middle aged guys are trotted out and perform full frontal nude scenes.

Big issues that were taboo in the 1970's are addressed. See a lesbian nude scene! See a long drawn out rape! At one point, Ginger castrates a man with piano wire after he reminds her of a spurning lover. She also kills the only black cast member because she was raped by three black guys when she was sixteen! Calling him "jungle bunny" and "nigger" are unsettling enough, but the actor likes white women, raping a strung out housewife in a basement just to show her how his people have suffered. He likes cracker ass...and teaches us a little life lesson as well.

"Ginger" is as bad as its sequel. Don't worry about seeing the films in order, neither one makes much sense or offers closure. There is no spice in "Ginger."

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