Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

Reviewed By Ryan Arthur
Posted 01/21/99 10:59:22

5 stars (Awesome)

Probably the best of the series with the original cast.

I was six when this came out, and seeing those little worm things in Chekov's ear gave me nightmares. But then, so did Shatner's hairpiece.

I'm not a Star Trek fan, although I've seen the movies. But boy, did I like this one. I think it's the best of the franchise (certainly the best featuring the old school cast). What's to like?

Ricardo Montalban as Khan. The guy hams it up so much. He's, like, the perfect villain, and I'm pretty sure that torso he's got was the most expensive special effect in the film. I think they just spray painted that thing black and gave it to Michael Keaton for use in the first Batman movie.

Anyways. In the series, Khan was brilliant and wanted to take over the world. He was banished to some desert planet. He survived, he blamed Kirk for the death of his wife and the fact that his life's in the crapper, and now, by God, he's pissed. He's bitter as fuck and he's maniacal in his pursuit of Kirk. He contructs an elaborate trap for Kirk, hijacking a Federation starship, swiping a sort of doomsday device called Genesis (created by one of Kirk's ex-lovers and the son they had) and leading the Enterprise into a trap.

This is probably the most action-packed film of the entire series (right up there with First Contact), and includes some kickass battle sequences (especially the climactic final battle) and a pretty damn good score from James Horner. And could it be, just possibly, that Bill Shatner nails the Kirk character perfectly? Not the brazen overacting that we're used to (the overacting, as I said, belongs to Mr. Roarke), but the embodiment of the character who goes through the emotional wringer? I think so. It's Shatner's finest hour, I think. Throw in the (at the time) surprise ending, and it's an all-around good flick.

I'm not a Trekker. Never have been. But Trekkers and non-Trekkers alike should definitely dig this movie.

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